500: Internal Server Error on backup/restore

Hi, everybody!

Today I burnt a new zynthian image, configured it all as new on my raspi 400, and when all worked fine I made a backup/ALL of the config. Giving as result OK.

After that I uploaded a good bunch of SF2 sounds on FluidSynth.
I was testing each one and erasing those not goods to me.
Everything worked fine. However when trying to backup the new settings the computer it seems suffered an ictus and displayed the 500: Internal Server Error.

I tried twice, and gave the error again. Tried to save config or data solely but was not possible giving the same error.
So, I restarted zynthian and computer. Everything worked fine, except that –again– was not possible to backup the new settings.

May be this due to an “overcharge” of sounds? Or a misconfiguration of any kind?

I read several posts about the 500: Internal Server Error, but none like this.
Any clue?

I forgot to mention that I work on iMac with Mojave OS.
I read in a post that a similar problem was solved with Software Update. Not in my case.
Yesterday after doing all the new config settings I updated with no luck. Today I updated 3 times without any effect. BTW the SD card now is 51% (32GB). Not sure if that may have any consequence.
Today, issue persists.

I’ve certainly experienced such issues.
It seems caused by the size of the data backup.
You can prevent it by becoming selective with the elements you back up.

The exclude files element is hidden behind advanced…

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Thank you very much @wyleu !
I thought so but immediately discarded it, because of such great work of the development team, and because It was more interesting for me than the big size of some pianos was not a problem :sweat_smile:

Well I’ll start the spring cleaning!

One more question. May be involved the SD card size in the issue?
This is, to a bigger size of card, a bigger data size is allowed, or not?

In truth I tend to back up machines over the command line . . .

Well. Too will investigate more in depth

I have the same problem: 500: Internal Server Error

under windows 11