8 rotary controler module with I2C interface available off the shelf

Where 8 knobs are enough, this pre-made 5" long module may save some labor.

(Chinese makers may be mis-using the term Potentiometer, schematic shows digital controls, knob pointers seem superfluous )

I just ran across the M5stack “8-Encoder Unit” with it’s own built in processor. While the I2C interface has no interrupts, the module maintains an angle count you can poll at your leisure.

There is an addressable memory map with about 109 registers (similar to a smart sensor IC’s) covered in the documentation

Provides 4 byte encoder values, have both accumulated since last values reset , and “increment” values that appear to zero after each read.

The R/W I2C “Address” register suggests you may be able to change the base I2C address, so you could multiplex multiple rows of knobs on a single I2C connection, (seems powering them up 1 at a time or an I2C multiplexer would be needed to get them mapped)

Each knob has an RGB programmable LED.

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Interesting and not that expensive, … regarding the price of a single mcp23017 chip (at least these days).

Here they are 8 encoders + RGB led !

But this would need some specific interface library to interact with Zynthian I guess :shushing_face:

I imaging it being part of a larger controller gadget with a processor handling USB-MIDI.

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