A bit of fun

I think is very curious instrument. I would call it mechanical flamenco rythm sequencer. Sadly, I don’t think @jofemodo or @C0d3man to be able to integrate in our Zynthian Box…:joy:

This guy has other similar stuffs…

Enjoy something different.

Regards, Jose


Ole que grasia que tiene la maquinita! Yo creo que si que se podría integrar con Zynthian … y sería la bomba! Bailan por bulerías hasta las piedras!!

The little machine is really funny-bannany. I think it’s possible to integrate it wirh Zynthain … and it will be amazing! The stones would be danzing by “bulerías”!! ;-D

Quillo, acuérdate de ponerle la categoría a los posts que crees nuevos, que si no no salen en la portada del forum :wink:

Un abrazo!

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Haha! Really nice! But I am “Software” - Fernando is “Hardware” :smile: … the triggering can be done with a step sequencer and some servos. This maybe half the Zynthian way :grin:

Regards, Holger

Yeah we do midi in and go out to a nice soundcard.

I’ve always wanted to do a project that started w midi signals and then ran servos on physical instruments so you could do kind of like a modern “player piano”.

Instead of the old rolls of program sheets, we could just use MID files!

Or like a drum set or glockenspiel that did the same?