A building experience


Hi everyone,
I finished building my zynthian based on the v2 kit on Monday. After having successfully carried out the first checks, I realized that the controllers 1 and 2 did not work.
Since it seemed to me that I had done everything right, I preferred first to contact the Zynthian Project Coordinator because I thought there was some defective component…:disappointed:
Following his answers and valuable suggestions, I re-checked the connections involved in the failed operation of controllers 1 and 2 and discovered that RBPi’s pin 36 (INTA pin) was not perfectly soldered and, under the stress of the connection cable, there was no more continuity . Once the welding is done again, the problem is gone.:smiley:
Now everything works!
I wanted to share this experience to suggest that you check all connections very very carefully.



Yep. Good advice. And this is ESPECIALLY true for the AudioInjector 40 pin connector.

(Hi Sergio and welcome to community. BTW: I’m a Sergio too :D)


Wonderful!! Nice to see that my diagnostic was so accurate … jejeje! :wink:
Not always is so simple …


Sometime it happens!! :smiley:


Hello @scorda,

I am very happy to hear this.
Welcome to the community, Sergio and thanks for letting us know the pitfalls you stepped into.
Due to a crappy monitor I had myself some problems with the orientation of the ICs.Thanks to @jofemodo and the other people here that are always willing to help.

Have a nice day and God bless, Marius