A little bit OT: Circle as a C++ bare metal SDK for the Raspi


Hi all,

this is stuff for the hardcore programmers: Circle.

It as a kind of SDK for developing applications running on a Raspi without any OS - called bare metal. I am just trying the sample-29 (a miniorgan) for testing the MIDI capabilities. Hope to get other stuff also running so perhaps I can port MicroDexed and MicroMDAEPiano to the Raspi :slight_smile:

Regards, Holger



Whoa! I just tested sample 29 (miniorgan) and: YES, IT PRODUCED SOUND!!!

If I can port MicroDexed back to the RPi(3) I have much more CPU power for more voices or different sounds with 16 voices at the same time (I hope).



How about a DX1 ? Should get two instances of Dexed at once… :wink:



Since a “dexed” is an object, you could run even more of the engines in parallel.

The problem is not the software, but the time for coding…



OB-Xd would be an interesting one too as that currently struggles on some patches with the full 8 voices.



In theory: yes. In practice: You have to keep in mind that you have to additionally write every piece of code for setting/loading/storing parameters on your own. And you first have to extract the engine of your synth and adapt it for circle. I thinkt it will be possible the more time you invest on this project :smile:

Regards, Holger

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