A Moot

A successful Moot was completed at short notice.
Jaywick was trashed, Pasta was eaten, Mrs Riban wants to get to Australia.

The bollox talked was of the highest quality, and the musical merits of the Spice girls crossed swords with Caravaggio, to which Van Gogh turned a deaf ear.

Wyleu extemporized on the subject of Interviews and a mutual interest in a 3U portable zynthian with a Behringer mixer in it. Class D was applauded and The very fine synclavier like desk being employed was admired and the pedalboard appeared but remained un-energised.

The journey home took on a rather sereal nature. A car is not generally a good dj, Trying to explain to a over pleased audio system on a Mazda that when you press shuffle, you really actually do want to shuffle ALL tracks not just the currently selected album, and there should be an easier way to explain this concept without involving it in a dark star bomb like conversation about the set of all sets and the simple expectation of relaxation from actually getting to play a piece of music that isn’t strictly alphabetised.
I’d like to get to the B’s someday . . .

Course I needed fuel to get me back to the blasted Northern wastelands, back near, the wall, So the said Mazda needed to be filled up.

Went to do so, to see a dully glowing rear left brake disc and copious smokes, and vapours emanating from it.

Local garage managing peasantry approached . . .

I think you’ve got a brake problem . . ., said the peasantry .

‘Balls’ said wyleu ( well he didn’t but it’s a build up I’ve used before … )

Petrol or Diesel?

Oh It wont be a problem then . . .

Re-assured the peasantry return to the office to concentrate on getting money out of me.


The disk continued to smoke but were certainly a little less ferocious than they had been and eventually it settled down, enough for me to put in the diesel and wondering quite what the effect of glowing disks on petrol vapour might have been . . . .

So a slow and sedately 50 kph for the first hour ,with a gradual increase to about 80 by the time I’d completed the third of the significant road work diversions I discovered that night,One motorway junction closed and the A120 for local informed Essex road spotters also out of commission.

so all very involved, Id got through Angel Eyes by Roxy Music by the time I got back which is probably a record of some kind!



If I were going there, I wouldn’t start from here!

Yes, but where would here be…?

We need a church hall near a church with bells in the middle of all interested people in the UK. . .

we will call it EuroZynMoot . …

Im’ going to get asked for a :face_with_monocle:
for this aren’t I . . . ?

Cos I need to make sure we know when local noon is . . . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Actually how many could make it to a church hall in Sandbach?

Good read! As I had a glowing disk myself some years ago I can relate a bit.

Depending on the ammount of fuel and the heat of the disk something between a fire, a cracked disk because of the rapid cooling or just some fumes that should not be inhaled.

I had glowing discs after a short test drive after fitting new break pads to a car many years ago. It really does help if you put the pads in the right way round so that the asbestos is mating with the discs rather than the pad’s metal backing!!! :blush: