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And by nite…



Woaooo! It’s really impressive, @wyleu!
How did you connect so many displays to one zynthian? Are you using an RBPi with every display? Have you considered the possibility of a 4th display with a text console? :crazy_face:

They are each indivdual Pi’s. It’s a re-use of ‘old’ raspi 2B’s as web interfaces. You really need something similar if you are making a lot of snapshots to use the webconf to name stuff as you are going.
Qmidinet helps :smiley:

Yes a terminal dumping midi out data by aseqdump at the very least :smiley: Would you put it on the left or the right or should it be adjacent to the GUI screen? I’m left handed so this might all feel completely wierd to ‘normal’ people :smiley:

Mind you I am being overrun by mice and keyboards. . . Onboard helps. . .
Like the new Switch? I like the reboot on long hold ( still find myself waiting to let go …) but perhaps it could come up with a zynthian reboot splash screen rather than error before it brings up the GUI. . . ??

It’s useful but if you loose the encoder ‘chat’ you loose the switch function, I find a mouse connected allows you to get out of this and in truth is often easier to use than the touchscreen.

Could we put one of the new GPIO pins as a led that we could flash at the hold points and also just for general function LED stuff…?

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Another rebuild for zynthian-nord.local.we now have mounted Midi connectors…


Wow very cool! A Raspi studio…well done​:+1::+1::+1:

very nicely done !
this is the triple-screen-zynthian-made-as-a-giant-synthesizer

Why thank you!

Id love to find a neat way of integrating the 7" screens with encoders but every solution involving big screens is building heavy . . .

But I have a certain degree of lust for this, once its got Rasp 4 compatibility. . .

and you think we have case problems with Pi4 :smiley:

In fact the more I think about it the more likely I am to get one as a remote head (running Pi3 with encoder card . . .) for a rendering Pi4 in whatever box hifi berry can mount their in/out AD card in connected by ethernet. . .


Well that didn’t take very long!


You will need some rather large dials for your encoders to make that look at home…


More volts!!!


Aaah contraire, Monsieur Riban, but I do happen to have 4 encoders with coloured leds in them !!!

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Your zynthians are growing in size and quantity, my dear Sir. @wyleu! Did you feed some of them after midnight perhaps?


It’s already interesting. it’s being zynthian-nord.local at the moment but that’s a name from a while ago . . .
I’ve got it running audio dummies, but it’s got the motor61 keyboard plugged into it and a raspberry pi 3 Model B in it. . .

As you can see it’s running qmidinet so it’s playing strings on zynthian.amp2.local ( the hifiberry Amp machine.) …

So it’s a very nice MIDI remote control device, (apart from the Mouse 12m issue on 3’s)
Obviously in a perfect world it would be a touchscreen !! but that big screen might well run a zynth via ssh -x or vnc and then I get enough space to put up some sheet music, which is a constant requirement in the open mike world.

The addition of the encoders to the device is a pain because you can only access the front panel as a slider from one side of the device and to allow encoders et al to be properly mounted I will need to cut out part of the right hand supports to allow kit to slide in. I’ve ordered a couple of acrylic replacement s to experiment with in this regard.

The mounting of the Pi on magnets is a nice idea ( you can imagine how that appeals to me !!). Unfortunately they only supplied two of the four so it’s all a bit wobbly at the moment, but I’ve contacted the supplier and they have responded positively so we shall see.

All in all it seems a nice implemetation of the Zynth. Nice big easy to read screen, lots of space to mount encoders, good solid protection of a Pi. Obviously getting an audio connection out of it would require considerable case surgery ( althou they do offer a horribly coloured speaker that I don’t know if it’s got a decent audio card on it … ).

Scratch building the encoder mounting and wiring will be interesting. There is a sort of break out box mecghansim pi‑topPROTO but I might well try something that doesnt need it.

I’m tempted to use the LED encoders but the knobs sit very high above the mounting surface, so that might need some work. Perhaps some 3D printed skirts, but I don’t have a 3D printer … )

But it’s the closest I’ve got to something satisfying.

This at body hight with encoders & boxed zynth (zynthian-alm.local on the floor to make the actual sounds, with guitar plugged into it and the two zynths linked by ethernet.

Be interesting to see if we could get the code on to stuff that could run on Pi’s older than a 3.

the acrylic panel doing its 2001 impression…

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Sadly, (Pi-Top; Luke Gao from CEED LTD) the company that supplies these devises seem unwilling or unable to supply the missing components so I really can’t recommend them. The lack of the magnets means that the Pi is liable to drop into the case when you push in USB or Ethernet connectors.

Pity really nice idea but poorly implemented and poorly supported.

I revisited zynthian-ceed.local with a new acrylic panel…