A new wyleu Micro PC to run linux

I’m looking to replace my dying laptop with something. Intel NUC like, to run Linux but I’m looking for something beefy enough to run PyCharm quickly, so it’s a fair bit of RAM some decent volume of SSD & a slippery processor but not necessarily Intel and if it’s available via Amazon then that gives some particular reassurances.


Extra marks for completely biased self motivated insights into decent monitors … :smiley:

A miserable raven with bad habits and a limited, scatological vocabulary, for anyone that contributes,

Any ideas?

Another webstore to consider…

You can get refurbished computers at decent prices. They might have what you’re looking for.

i’d be tempted to check out a pi4 8gb booting from usb3 ssd.

if it isn’t quite up to scratch, you can always reuse for something else.


Thanks Guys, I should be able to pick up a NUC second hand somewhere. I’d thought about the Pi4 & I have to say it’s a tempting option I might hang some decent external storage on it . . .

It’s certainly something to contemplate whilst battlementing some sense into the local peasantry. The girl was apparently known, who knew…?

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