A noob asks help to install and use Zynthian


dear All

first I wish you a wonderful 2017

I am really a noob about Linux and Zynthian so I ask you some help to install it and use it to play live Dexed with folowing HW:

  1. Raspberry PI3
  2. USB MIDI Controller (Edirol PCR800)
  3. Presonus Audiobox USB audio card

I would like to read a step by step procedure or a list of docs to read to reach my goal.

What I have done till now?
downloaded the img (4GB)
written it on a 16 GB mini SD
switched on RPi and seen a black screen :neutral_face:

jofemodo wrote:
you may have to modify some lines in the startup script to use the first framebuffer (/dev/fb0) because in RBPi the HDMI screen in configure in the first framebuffer by default. Zynthian currently uses the second one, /dev/fb1, for the SPI screen.

but I do not have any idea about it how to do it (I work with Windows 7).
Many thanks in advance.


Hi @piattica!

Happy New Year!!

Zynthian SD image is strongly oriented to work with a specific hardware configuration. Of course, you can make variations. Many people do that succesfully, but you will need a good knowledge of Linux and RBPi platform. Currently there is no specific documentation for making zynthian SD image works with your hardware configuration.

Anyway, i don’t see any problem with your hardware. With a little bit of work it should work with Zynthian.
Perhaps you could work with @ignis32. He’s trying to achieve a setup quite similar to yours.

I hope you find the way or the needed help … :wink:

Kind Regards!


I think this is the kind of setup I’m trying also… I’ll keep watching this for updates


It’s far easier now with the webconf…just open a browser and try http://zynthian.local


Or your zynthian’s IP, if your computer doesn’t support “zeroconf” names :wink:

You will find more information about this in the wiki:




Used just unitil 30 minutes ago with a presonus iTwo: greeeeeaaaat!!!
Configuration for jackd is 64/48000 and it is stable up to now.
I think I will build Zynthian with the kit!!!
Thank a lot for this project.