A real BBC Audio treat . .

Pilgrim Sebastian Baczkiewicz

good on headphones . . . .

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Ah… You just reminded me…

When we were talking about “RTL sdr” in the club chat, I mentioned about the local (to me) musicians who sample old BBC footage for their tunes. Here they are…


I saw these at Green Man festival in 2013 and really enjoyed them. It could have been the wine and tiredness but I listened from my tent with my young kids sleeping next door. It was good.


Yep, exactly… I think we even mentioned “radio Kaos” by Roger waters at the time!

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Pilgrim is a great find! I’m not the biggest fantasy fan, I gave up on GOT after 20 minutes, but Pilgrim was surprisingly good. I missed the last series, so looking forward to listening to this.


Love PSB! Saw them at the Proms in RAH on the hottest day in history.

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Just watched this and now I want a tuner source more than ever!