Ability to load hardwere synths like serum and other VST's

Hello, so first of all, i am looking for ways to use the linnstrument without supporting apple or spending over 1000 usd on a new mini computer.

i was looking for a system that would let me use the least ammount of hardwere to just run Serum or other vsts. ideally i want to run Bitwig (wich offers MPE support) along with serum. perhaps add on other vsts as well.

so really i am wondering if any of these things could be used as hardwere to run a DAW with VST’s. adding additional storage through an sd or flash or lol an m.2 drive would be neat.

sorry im really new to the community so i may be barking up the wrong tree here.

all i know is there are a lot of various midi controlors out there that are limited in thir sounds or have none by themselves so a portable system that lets you have a ton of vst’s and soft synths would be amazing. ofc i would have to connect a toutch screen to it, maybe bluetooth ot something wireless but something wired would be ok as well.

thanks for the responses everyone

Are you wanting to try and run them on Zynthian? Or build your own solution?

If it’s the Zynthian then unless the plugin is opensource you can forget running it on a pi. It uses totally different machine code. Pianoteq is the notable exception.

V-Machine, ELK MusicOS…

well i was thinking wichever option would be best. i guess Zynthian isnt an option. i guess i would have to make my own system or find some other solution meh. thanks for the replys

that sounds promising, thanks ill have a look.

hmm its possessor ram and storage looks kinda weak i hope its upgradable

We have Surge on zynth that will cover stuff like serum though.

hmm not too sure what that is, mind linking me please?


ah so i still cant use serum and id be stuck with a different synth. its got mpe wich is good but idk, guess i could try to mess with it but still has the issue of well i can only use it, and what about all other vst’s.

im sure this is a great platform but i just find it a little restrictive. im also not the best with linux stuff. i messed around with it a little but the only thing i can remember is apt-get install XD

idk maybe im full of shit tho, i should try all this softwere first, just relearning, things. also im trying to figure out if its worth it. if i need to study things for a year just to get something functional and then have a shit time troubleshooting when something doesnt work lol

All the soft synths and plugins zynth use are available for linux and windows. Check the wiki for a list and audio demos. If you like serum you will probably like Surge, Zynaddsubfx, Helm and Noisemaker 3. None of which are Serum but all can be made to make music. It really comes down to what to you want to do.
Sometimes the best instrument is the one you have in your hands.

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I think your goal of running bitwig + vsts will only find unhappiness in any dedicated hardware. Your best bet for that is to build a mini pc running Windows with a boatload of ram - here’s one with windows preinstalled for under 200.00.

HP Elite 8300 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VLBGWM3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_m1stFbAJMCW2N

The zynth is a Linux based machine with a non Intel processor. There are a boatload of incredible instruments and tools but you have to think of it more like a kronos that you can expand from the universe of available tools. And if you have to have one specific synth or a few from your library this will not likely get you there. If you think of it as it’s own ecosystem which is quite rich, as has been pointed out, there are plenty of synths to get you close to serum but there is no serum. There is mpe support and a bucket of great sounds to use it with.

Why do you need to involve bitwig in your solution? Zynthian is doing the work of bitwig as a host at the native level, you can add tracks of synths chained with effects. It is not a full daw though so sequencing and recording is still limited, but if your goal is to have a hardware version of serum you wouldn’t need to add the layer of bitwig on top. (Love bitwig by the way, what a great environment!)

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both of you have very good points. ya perhaps im being too picky, really im not sure. i guess i could have something small to hook up the linnstrument with this system, at the same time im thinking well i wana upgrade my gpu in my main computer so why not make a smaller one and have it as both a small portable audio workstation that i can do almost anything on weather playing live or recording but also have something i can use to create digital art thanks to the “old” 2070super gpu i will put in it once i upgrade.

thing is if i go with the Zyn, how much smaller and more portable will it really be? chanses are ill be able to fit both in a backpack and the linnstrument will be bigger then both.

as to the computer you linked for 200$

damn will that even be enough. that clock speed is low, well compared to what i have but thats the thing, i dont know how much i need. i dont want 2X as much as ill ever use but i would like some headroom. especially as new stuff comes out

also how easy/fast is it to change effects? im used to using the mouse lol. touch screen is decent too. again im a total noob that probably sounds like a moron lol. so thanks again for explaining everything. i will deffenetly have to consider a lot of things

and umm how much is this v4 thing/kit?