About sample recording and editing

Has anyone developed record with edition sampler, with or for Zynthian ?
Thank’s for reading

Record/playi is implemented and works quite well, including note-playing at variable freq. Editing is not implemented. It can be a complex task, depending what editing options do you want. I think for basic sampler functionality we would need start/stop points and ADSR envelope. This shouldn’t be hard to implement. Going beyond this would have to wait.

An alternate way could be implementing a custom gui (widget) for samplv1:


This engine is already included but not very useful in its current state because of lack of a good-enough integration.



Thank you for that answer.
Sample recording is the first technical brick of a global musical instrument project that I am trying to develop.

I would like to make an instrument independent of any computer, capable of creating sounds from processing samples captured with a microphone, then composing music with the keyboard and a large screen included.

Among the treatments, I imagine the classics of sampling: start / stop / loop / pitch.
After i like to mix with over audio sample and use an envelope follower.

For the moment I have a Raspberry Pi4 card, a HIFI ADC DAC pro card, a 7 inch touch screen and I am looking for the right software solution.

Zynthian seems to respond to the multi-track part of the project and that’s why it interests me.
I do not think to use the possibility of creating virtual synths.

My project includes a digital multi-track, with audio tracks and midi tracks and also an effects processor.
Thank you very much for your help, I feel very alone on this project and I lack a lot of skills, I am a 3D graphic designer and I do not know any programming language.

I am looking for a person with these skills who wants to participate in my project, I have read a lot about the creation of new musical instruments and it seems to me that this kind of complete solution without a computer is missing.

Beside Zynthian I also use a 1010music Blackbox for arranging and processing samples, played with Zynthian and instantly recorded with the Blackbox. I think it does everything you described in a very comfortable way. Maybe you have a look, but unfortunately it is not open source.

Yes i saw Blackbox solution, i’m not looking for those kind of new instruments, i want to make my own , so open source software is essential. I do have many instruments / synthétisers / home studio with Protools with many software sampler and synth. I want make a new instrument for musicians for make musique without computer or asset.
Kind a portable studio with keyboard and microphone in it, based on sampling sound création.

I understand :slightly_smiling_face:. Today the Hardware is not the problem. Plattforms like Teensy 4.1 have enough power to manage what you imagine. I am afraid without skills in coding/programming/engineering it is not easy to create a kind of prototype. My suggestion: use your grafix and music skills and make an amazing kind of concept art film to show virtualy what will be possible with your device. Maybe someone with the right skills is interested and wants to see it alive.

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Teensy 4.1 look great for prototyping, thank’s.
yes hard for me alone to do that, but i think is a team building, i try to learn and build on my side today , and i hope some help later.
Step by step :slight_smile:

Have you checked the samplv1 link? What do you think? I think it could be a good candidate …

i do,
I shared the link with my engineer friend…

this link:

After i found over good solution

…waiting for his opinion