Access Virus TI aarch64 Linux plugin released, by the DSP56300 emulation community

Hi @zynthianers,

This is to let know to the discourse’s good bunch of people that the DSP 56300 Emulation’s community has publicly released OsTIrus, a low-level emulation of the Access Virus TI digital synthesiser.

I have been using it for a while, as a beta tester, and I must say that it sounds absolutely spectacular. As with other DSP-level emulations of the same English developers, no hint whatsoever is and must be shared, as to how and where to source independently the hardware synthesiser’s proprietary firmware. In this case, the process is a bit more convoluted than usual, but techy guys with a smart head can solve the riddle!

Albeit I unfortunately lack the coding literacy for verifying the subject on my own, I gathered on the Internet that compiling LV2 plugins for aarch 64 (which is required for them to run headless in Zynthian) seems to pose a series of technical challenges. At the moment, only CLAP, VST2 and VST3 versions are available. I will try and pull a request on the Discord channel of the DSP emulation’s community, raising the topic of making their excellent plugins available for the Zynthian platform.



It looks like they are building on JUCE 7 which supports LV2 so it may be a simple flag to create a aarch64 LV2.

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What recalls how much we need to support lv2 properties.


Of course, should we ever lay our greedy synthesiser enthusiasts’ hands on aarch 64 LV2 versions of Osirus (Virus B/C) and OsTIrus, it will be up to @jofemodo and @riban to find a legally safe way for including the DSP emulators in the LV2 repository, without the respective ROMs until the day Access will possibly give up repurposing their proprietary code (through licensing/reselling to third-party companies) and will set it free in the Open Source wilderness.

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Hi @riban :slightly_smiling_face: ,

I investigated the subject of LV2 for aarch64 on the DSP56300 Discord, and they actually already have that OsTIrus plugin available, in the extended link with more builds located under the list of versions in the website.

By the way, this is true for Osirus (Virus B/C) as well.

Providing that Oram 64 will be capable of handling the appropriate number of MIPS with RPI 4 (and prospectively I hope RPI 5) - which might be ascertained running the provided Linux test console somehow on the Zynthian hardware - I think that the emulator plugins could be tentatively included in the LV2 repository of Oram, if they happen to work after appropriate tests (not sure anyway if they would expose parameters, due to the mentioned JUCE 7 issue in ZynthianOS).

Is it all it would take, or am I possibly missing something?

Zynthian runs on Raspberry Pi which is aarch64 based so requires aarch64 code. If a LV2 is provided with aarch64 compatible library then Zynthian can host it. But there may be integration issues like the lack of parameter control and there may be performance issues due to lack of resources (CPU, etc.). The GUI may require a particular toolkit. (Zynthian supports GTK3 & QT5.) Otherwise, it should work.

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About the legality of including it, I guess the best way is to leave that to the Virus owners that might want to “clone+shrink” their TI into a Zynthian, since those have access to the OS files.

Same for A/B/C

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This is precisely the disclaimer widely reminded on the DSP56300 emulation’s Discord and Blog :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Following this as a C owner :slight_smile:

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