Accessing MOD-UI via HDMI output and saving MOD-UI state

Hello! The MOD-UI page ( gives a way to reach MOD-UI from another computer but not how to open it from the Zynthian plugged on an HDMI monitor (I prefer as much as possible to limit the need to carry another computer). Should I just open a browser and go to http://localhost:8888?

Also, another question: how do snapshots deal with MOD-UI configuration? If I snapshot a set of layers containing a MOD-UI layer, is the MOD-UI patch and settings saved along with the snapshot, or is MOD-UI saved separately (meaning that if I load another snapshot which also has a MOD-UI layer, it would share its MOD-UI patch with my previous snapshot)?

Yes, it’s just a web app, so load it up (from zynthian menu) and then point the browser at it.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

But regarding the saving, I’m not sure how snapshots deal with the saving of the MOD-UI pedalboard state. Are they saved along with the snapshot? Does the snapshot just point to the current pedalboard’s name?

Snapshots doesn’t save the pedalboard structure, only controller values and MIDI learning. So, you have to save the pedalboard from MOD-UI. After that, you can use the same pedalboard on different snapshots with customized controller values and MIDI learning.


Ok! But the snapshot contains a reference to the pedalboard, right? So if I switch to a snapshot using a specific pedalboard, will MOD-UI switch to that one or will it stick it to the one currently in use?

Yes, of course, snapshots save the pedalboard reference and It Will be load when loading the snapshot