Accessing synth UXs

Is there anyway to show the synth user interfaces on the PI screen? Or do patches always have to be loaded once prepared on a different platform?

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Hi @cguerin! A very warm welcome to our lovely community.

We do not show native GUIs on the main Zynthian screen, partly because they tend to be high resolution UIs that do not suit the small format of most Zynthians. (There are other reasons too, like often requiring pointer devices like a mouse which most users don’t use.) You can enable VNC in webconf and access both the Zynthian UI and a second desktop view. The desktop will show native UIs for many synths and plugins. This allows the kind of access you describe but we recommend disabling VNC for live use as the overhead of running the the GUIs can adversley affect performance.

Check out the wiki description of remote access to Zynthian.

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