Accuracy of V4.4 LCD display and encoders/controllers

I’ve got the V4.4 version of the kit. Not quite happy with encoders and display accuracy.

For encoders they are kinda wonky when i need to go just one item up or down - sometimes it goes other way before going the right way on the next “click”.

For display when trying to use sequencer with included stylus, bottom of the screen seems to be somewhat accurate, but the top of the screen is registering the tap consistently higher - if i tap on the top sequencer line menu is triggered, if I am tapping second line from the top - note is put on the top line. (I did the screen calibration several times)

I was wondering if this is inherent problem with the hardware in the kit, or this is something that can be adjusted in software?

Try calibrating the touchscreen

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The encoders are fairly low cost devices and may give suboptimal response but usually are quite acceptable. Check that the cables connecting encoders to device are correctly oriented and secure. Disconnect and reconnect each to be confident of correct fitting. A lose connection may give inconsistent results. Also try spinning the encoder to clean it. These are mechanical contact encoders which have the possibility of debris or tarnish impacting operation.