"Activation of network connection failed" when plugging ethernet cable to Ubuntu PC

Hi, I have a kit purchased last month and everything seems to work. Today I have connected the box to my computer with an ethernet cable for the first time. I want to install Pianoteq’s full version.

I am getting this error: Activation of network connection failed.

The light in the Zynthian’s ethernet port is orange. This is a PC running Ubuntu 22.10. To be honest, I can’t remember if I have ever connected anything before through the ethernet port. I’m not sure whether this is an Ubuntu problem, a Zynthian problem, something in my box… For what is worth, I have tried with two different cables, and the result is the same.

I have checked Accessing Zynthian from your computer - ZynthianWiki and I have searched for this error message + Zynthian but I haven’t found anything. Am I the first one reporting this problem? Suspicious. :slight_smile:

Can you help me, please?

For a computer (including a Zynthian) network to initialise it needs to see compatible hardware. Plugging the Zynthian to a computer will satisfy the low-level hardware level, i.e. both ends see a network device but the higher levels of the network stack may not be satisfied. The Zynthian expects to see a DHCP server that will issue an IP address. If your Ubuntu machine does not provide this then the Zynthian will not have an IP address and cannot operate the Internet Protocol, i.e. it won’t be able to talk to other computers (via TCP/IP, UDP/IP, etc.). If you have a computer network, e.g. a router or hub and a DHCP server (often provided by broadband interfaces like the modem) then you could plug to that and should see the Zynthian wakeup. I would have expected Ubuntu 22.10 to implement the network plug & play protocol that would allow a local link to be set up but maybe it is disable or firewalled within the Ubuntu machine.


Thank you, @riban. I have connected the Zynthian directly to the router and the connection works now. http://zynthian.local/ works as expected.

I have my PC next to all my music gear, and my router is on the other side of the room. This is why I started with the PC. Anyway, now with wifi enabled I can have the Zynthian with the music gear AND http://zynthian.local/ working like a charm. This is great, thank you to everyone making all this free beauty possible.