Add All-in-one PCB board without zynthian os on raspberry


i want to add the all-in-one PCB board without zynthian os on a raspberry pi 4 because i want to
take another software thats run on wine.

The Pcb23017 is wired on i2c!
I’ve allready enabled the i2c.

Now, i want to configure the adresses (0x20). have you a script that i can implement?


Hi, maybe this can help:

It’s already in use in the Zynthian Zyncoder lib

ok thanks, and after the install off the wiringpi?

with “scratch” assigning the pins?

What do you want to do with the All_In_One module?

The All_In_One module have 2 parts:

  • MCP23017 GPIO expander:
    It’s a raw hardware device specially designed for zynthian. If you want to use it with a different software, you must write some code by yourself. In such a case, you could take the zyncoder library as a base.

  • MIDI interface: The MIDI interface uses the RBPi UART pins. You would need the “ttymidi” driver for using it.

Good luck!!

Thanks, i’ll try it


Which pins do I have to control on the all-in-one module and which on the Raspberry (Rx and Tx I think), but which Gpios on the All-in-one Modul (5,5v, ground, leds, Midi in and Midi out)?
I connected everything like the v2 kit (hifiberry dac+, Piscreen3.5, Midi in-out-thru, 4 encoders)

You have the schematic and other design files on the github repo: