Adding a driver for wifi dongle?

Hey guys, curious if you can check in on this wifi driver - I bought a couple of tiny dongles, one for an old Pi2 I’ve got kicking around which can be put to some sort of useful purpose if it can talk to the network, and the other for my Zynthian, which needs it to connect to my wifi.

Naturally, I got em home and found none of my Pi OSes, including Zynthian, work with it out of the box.

Happily, there is a driver available - I’m currently in the middle of putting the Pi2 into an old RCA Victor radio (the old speaker still works, and Old Time Radio coming out of it is… scintillating), and I successfully compiled and installed this module yesterday on said Pi2, to get the thingy working:

Courtesy of gmrender-resurrect and a Hifiberry Amp clone, it’s available for DLNA on our network as “RCA Victor” - all that remains is to get it all mounted in the back of the radio for now. Eventually, it’s got three lovely bakelite knobs which I’ll rig up some encoders for, and probably cram some kind of cheap screen behind the dialplate to give it a nice glowy effect.

Anyways, I would very much like to use the other dongle for my Zynthian. I’ve been working as a Python dev for the last few employed years, so I’m familiar with all the Gits and pieces here, but would someone like to walk me through turning the above repo into a Zynthian pull request? Is there a good and up-to-date info page for devs, or is that section of the wiki best left alone?

Alternatively if someone wants to just take care of it that is also fine, but I’d much prefer if someone was willing to kinda hold my hand for a few minutes while I figure out your workflows, cause I can definitely follow good instructions. It’s finding good instructions that is quite difficult, on the current iteration of the internet.

Upon further testing, it seems that this is only getting like 0.01Mbps download right now. Either driver needs update or I just bought the wrong dongle.

The wrongle.

It’s an Archer T3U Nano based wiffy thingy. Was not a bankbreaking purchase, probably shoulda stuck with AC1200, but I had to fly too close to the sun.