Adding expansion pack to Pianoteq

Hello, I recently bought Pianoteq Stage edition and installed it on my Zynthian. Everything works fine.

Today I bought the Hohner expansion pack. Downloaded the 7z file again. Removed existing layers. Uploaded the 7z installation file, rebooted, but no change in my list of activated instruments.

Could anyone help me? Is there a way to “De-install” the existing stage version? Or should I do something else?

A complete reinstall solved the issue :wink:


Not entirely, mon ami, there is the small matter of a :face_with_monocle: . … .

I don’t think we have an example of the Hohner in our dungeons . . .


Sure I will upload something. :slight_smile:

I actually think it’s a great soundpack. The electric pianos of Pianoteq are as special as the acoustic ones. I have a Pianet T at home and their version is very close. (Which is in a way disappointing, because it is a limited instrument!) The clavinet is as good as any I have heard and I like the Pianet N as well. The effects are top notch too. Anyway, let me work on a sound clip.

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I will try to improve this … the problem is that testing this kind of features implies buying instrument packages :sweat_smile:


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I’m about to add an extra soundpack too. A complete reinstall is a bit crude. In the stand alone version there is a function ‘update license’ . If that could be implemented in the Pianoteq page of webconfig that would be very nice. Or is it simply a matter of hitting ‘reactivate’?

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It’s already there. Click reactivate

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Thank you @jofemodo & big kudo’s for developing this great platform!

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