Adding TEMPO setting in the MIDI Options

Hello everyone.
A while ago the Master Tuning was added to the MIDI Options, which is working very well for me.
Due to the way I am producing and performing music, I need very specific BPM settings to each Master Tuning and in the actual configuration of the firmware, I need to set up the Tempo manually for each new track I am working on in a certain tuning.
So, when I start a new project I am choosing one of my MIDI Option presets, which contains the correct Master Tuning It is nice, that I can define the tuning to one cent precisely.
It would be very useful if also the Tempo would be available to add in the MIDI Options, so with one click, I would be ready to go.
If this is a possibility, maybe the tempo can be stored also in the same precision as the Master Tuning, to the cent.

I know you guys are busy programming, but maybe this addition is a rather simple task to add to the MIDI Options. I would be very happy if this would be part of one of the upcoming updates.