Adjust velocity on MIDI routed through Zynthian?

I want to remove, or better replace the velocity information of MIDI routed through Zynthian (hardware midi in → hardware midi out). Zynthian’s built in MIDI filter does not seem to have an option for this (would be great!). So I tried to add a “Velocity Adjust” MIDI FX layer, but that does not have any effect. I am aware of several other velocity related posts on this site, but my question is related to MIDI coming from and going to external hardware (no synth layers involved).
My system:
zyncoder: stable (d852c8f)
zynthian-ui: stable (b2f6a7c)
zynthian-sys: stable (aefaf98)
zynthian-data: stable (f71259d)
zynthian-webconf: stable (153a020)

Do you want all note-on events to be sent with the same MIDI velocity? If so, what value? Maximum 127?

Yes, the idea is to set all note-on events to 127, regardless of channel.

You could insert a plugin. There should be one that does this but my MultiChord plugin child be abused to do this. I would have expected to be able to do it with a filter too but am not next to a Zynthian right now to check. (I am next to a pint of ale which is an acceptable substitute.)

I just found the problem: Zynthian requires a MIDI channel to be assigned to the plugin. I only get the plugin to work, if I set the specific channel both in the plugin options Zynthian presents AND the settings within the plugin itself. I find this counterproductive as it does not easily allow setting global MIDI FX. You either have to use multiple plugins or cloning etc. I would like to suggest that MIDI FX inputs are connected to the routers MAIN out that carries all MIDI channels instead of a single, configured channel. The plugins usually have built-in channel selectors anyway.
The plugin-specific problem I see is that the Velocity Adjust plugin kills polyphony. It looks to me as if it waits for note-off messages and does not react to note-on messages appearing in short intervals.

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Just filed this feature request: Omni mode in MIDI channel selector for layers · Issue #469 · zynthian/zynthian-issue-tracking · GitHub