Adl LV2 for zynthian?

I am new to zynthian and I find it to be rather incredible software! I have heard that it can take most LV2 plugins and make them into usable zynthian instances. There is this plugin called ADL plugin that seems to emulate the yamaha sound chips found in the sega genesis and it has an LV2 version. I’m not very tech savvy, so I wanted to first check and see if anyone had done whatever it is they need to do to make this plugin work for zynthian before I went down trying to figure out all the ins and outs of it all. It seems like a really good use case for the software (not having to spend 700 on a megaFM lol). Here’s a link to the plugins! I’m gonna try my best and see if I can get them up and running, and read up more on the process lol, but hope this post is welcome here!

Hi @Person - welcome. I hope you enjoy Zynthian as much as the rest of us. You are right this is incredible software.

ADLplug is not currently available in Zynthian. I just had a quick attempt at integrating it but it does not compile on the current Zynthian platform. I tried a couple of quick fixes (like updating cmake) but to no avail. It looks like this will need more effort to get it working.

We do have MiniOPL3 LV2 plugin though which may suffice and more complex FM synthesis is available with Dexed.

I try the compilation of my Zynthian and ADLplug compile and works :slight_smile:

In ssh:

cd /zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins
git clone --recursive
mkdir ADLplug/build
cd ADLplug/build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DADLplug_VST2=OFF ..
cmake --build .
cd lv2
cp -R ADLplug.lv2/ /zynthian/zynthian-plugins/lv2/

After this, it is working on mine


Sorry - ADLPlug is actually already part of the Zynthian collection! I was testing on an old machine without this installed but the stable release has ADLPlug.

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Thank you for the infomative response!!! Oh wow!! Cool to know it’s there :smiley: I haven’t updated in a while lol so probably why!


Grab the graph!