Admin interface via Keyboard?

wondering if it is possible to control the UI via keyboard events.
the reason of this Questions : I like to integrate the zynthian into a sound sculpture, and automate few admin acctions like shutdown etc. etc. via a pushbutton using a teensy set as HID Keyboard.

Hi @BalamSoto!

That’s not possible currently.
You can perform some actions using the Master MIDI channel:

  • Load snaphots
  • Global PANIC (All Sounds/Notes Off)

But not much more. There are plans to create a complete OSC interface that allows full control, but there is no date for implementing it.


Thanks Jofemodo, Osc will be great ! Perhaps HID would be a bit user friendly, ( just plug a Keyboard and go )

There is another development that is planned that could help you:

It will allow to execute system commands when receiving certain MIDI messages. You could use it for powering off and similar stuff.