(Affordable) Moog kit

You can build a Moog for about $200 with their Werkstatt-01

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The Sweetwater demo is through

There could be a market for overlay full size keys that wold work the little built in key-buttons. Kinda like a tablet add-on keyboard. (White button spacing is about 1.6cm, (2cm on a cz-101)

Has similar functionality to the 1977 single oscillator Micromoog, but with more versatile patching. (Used Micromoogs are selling for $699 to $1500)


Interesting kit!
Slight deviation from the usual GAS, the Gear Assembly Syndrome :grin:

I always wanted a Moog, but a single VCO?
Maybe just because I can… doesn’t mean I should buy one.
But saving up for a Sub37 or maybe, someday… a Voyager may never happen. So this little box may be just enough to satisfy the itch :drooling_face:

I assume a single VCO works best for Bass instrument sounds.
To better gauge the limitations, here’s another video showing 14 minutes of sound examples.