AI Song Generator Beta (can deliver 1200 songs a month for free)

Like it or hate it, it may be wise to be aware of how AI is effecting music. is a new AI music generator, that produces 33 second audition snippets, which you can lengthen with Extension or Outro segments.

You can just list a subject and genre or provide your own lyrics. Seems to use a chat engine to generate lyrics.

Seems suitable to knock out a quick jingle for a local business (I would expect such offerings on Fiver)

As an exercise I had it generate some USPS jingles, they were all generated from the same short text prompt, did not specify a genre, other than mentioning ‘Jingle’.

Note the last one includes an extension and outro.


Horrific, I would say …

not only because this sounds mostly like basic FM pop rock (ai must have been trained like this) but also because result is quiet good imho.

Alan Turing, described two housewives talking…

“My robot said something interesting today…”

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Hmmm … My black panther can roar too !

Prompted by “Hmmm … My black panther can roar too”
“Panther’s Domain”

A staff pick: Dune the Broadway Musical (Full Version) - Imperium’s Rise

And a movie sound track I ‘defined’

This AI may kill some industrial work, like exercise DVD music.

Some call AI:

“Death of creative trust”

“An insult to human creativity”


Not Bad at all, can only get better !