Airwindows Plugins - could it eliminate the ModUI monitor for a lighter field setup?

This is some year old information I ran across…

"“Airwindows plugins are modular, graphic-less, stripped-down, Audio Unit plugins for the Mac” dating back to 2007 He is licensed to use VST2 plugins

That ‘windowless’ aspect sounds more suitable for editing setups in the field (without lugging along a ModUI browser) using just the Pi LCD? if Airwindows can be integrated…

Since Apple has totally switched over to Arm processors, it’s just a short hop to get it working on a Pi.

All Airwindows Plugins (290 or so) Now Run Natively on Raspberry Pi(an 8.9 MB dpownload)

A laid back youtube demo running in reaper.
(Reaper DAW has a free 60 day trial and non-commercial Reaper sells for $60.)

—The Plugins List —

Ambience: TapeDelay2, Doublelay, PitchDelay, BrightAmbience3, TripleSpread, Melt, MV, ADT, StereoChorus, PurestEcho, TapeDelay, StarChild, Hombre, BrightAmbience2, BrightAmbience, StereoEnsemble, StereoDoubler, Chorus, ChorusEnsemble, Ensemble

Amp Sims: GrindAmp, FireAmp, LeadAmp, LilAmp, MidAmp, BigAmp, Cabs, BassDrive, BassAmp

Bass: Hermepass, BassKit, DubCenter, DubSub, Floor, Infrasonic, FathomFive

Biquads: BiquadPlus, Biquad, BiquadDouble, BiquadOneHalf, BiquadTriple, Biquad2

Brightness: SlewSonic, DeBess, Acceleration2, DeEss, Smooth, Slew3, Slew2, Slew, Air2, Air, PurestAir, Acceleration, DeHiss, Hypersonic, HypersonX, Ultrasonic, UltrasonicLite, UltrasonicMed, UltrasonX

Clipping: ClipOnly2, ClipSoftly, OneCornerClip, ADClip7, AQuickVoiceClip, ClipOnly

Consoles: Console8LiteChannel, Console8LiteBuss, Console8BussHype, Console8BussIn, Console8BussOut, Console8ChannelHype, Console8ChannelIn, Console8ChannelOut, Console8SubHype, Console8SubIn, Console8SubOut, PurestConsole2Buss, PurestConsole2Channel,Console7Buss, Console7Channel, Console7Cascade, Console7Crunch, PurestConsoleBuss, PurestConsoleChannel,Console6Buss, Console6Channel, PDBuss, PDChannel, Console5Buss, Console5Channel, Console5DarkCh, C5RawBuss, C5RawChannel, AtmosphereBuss, AtmosphereChannel,
Console4Buss, Console4Channel

Distortion: Distortion, Edge, Dirt, Mackity, Density2, Density, Drive, Loud, Hard Vacuum, HighImpact, MultiBandDistortion

Dithers: Dark, PaulWide, PaulDither, TPDFWide, TPDFDither, NotJustAnotherDither, NotJustAnotherCD, Beam, TapeDither, SpatializeDither, VinylDither, DoublePaul, Ditherbox, BuildATPDF, NodeDither, StudioTan, DitherMeTimbers, DitherMeDiskers, RawTimbers, RawGlitters, NaturalizeDither, HighGlossDither, DitherFloat

Dynamics: Pop2, Pressure5, Dynamics, Pop, DigitalBlack, Logical4, VariMu, ButterComp2, curve, Recurve, Pyewacket, BlockParty, SoftGate, Thunder, Compresaturator, DrumSlam, ButterComp, BrassRider, Point, Gatelope, PodcastDeluxe, Podcast, Swell, PurestSquish, Pressure4, Surge, SurgeTide

Effects: Dubly, PitchNasty, GuitarConditioner, Aura, TremoSquare, Tremolo, GlitchShifter, Gringer, Exciter, Energy2, Energy, Facet, Fracture, PowerSag2, PowerSag, Preponderant, Nikola

Filter: Baxandall2, Capacitor2, Weight, Isolator2, Holt2, Holt, ToneSlant, AverMatrix, Average, MackEQ, Baxandall, Hull, EQ, Capacitor, Isolator, TapeFat, ResEQ, Lowpass2, Highpass2, Distance2, Distance, Lowpass, Highpass

Lo-Fi: Pockey2, Flutter, CrunchyGrooveWear, GrooveWear, Pockey, DeRez2, BitGlitter, DeRez, ChromeOxide, Cojones, Vibrato, Bite, Deckwrecka, DustBunny

Noise: Noise, Texturize, TexturizeMS, VoiceOfTheStarship, DarkNoise, ElectroHat, Silhouette, TapeDust

Reverb: Verbity2, Galactic, Verbity, Chamber2, Chamber, Infinity2, NonlinearSpace, Infinity, MatrixVerb, PocketVerbs, Reverb

Saturation: NCSeventeen, Tube2, Tube, Spiral2, PurestDrive, Focus, Mojo, Dyno, Spiral, UnBox, Desk4, Righteous4

Stereo: Srsly, Srsly2, Wider, StereoFX, ToVinyl4, AutoPan, LRFlipTimer, Sidepass, SideDull

Subtlety: Hype, Shape, PurestWarm2, PurestWarm, Coils2, Interstage, PhaseNudge, Remap, SingleEndedTriode, Coils, Desk, TransDesk, TubeDesk

Tape: ToTape6, FromTape, Tape, IronOxideClassic2, IronOxide5, ToTape5, IronOxideClassic

Tone Color: BussColors4, Channel9, Apicolypse, Neverland, Elation, Calibre, Cider, Crystal, Precious, Luxor, Channel8, Channel7, Channel6, Channel5, Channel4

Utility: Monitoring3, Monitoring2, Monitoring, BitShiftGain, PurestGain, PurestFade, EveryTrim, HermeTrim, SlewOnly, SubsOnly, PeaksOnly, Golem, DCVoltage, EdIsDim, MidSide, uLawEncode, uLawDecode, RightoMono, LeftoMono, Balanced, Flipity, MoNoam, VoiceTrick

XYZ Filters: ZBandpass2, ZHighpass2, ZLowpass2, ZNotch2, ZRegion2, ZBandpass, ZHighpass, ZLowpass, ZNotch, ZRegion, YBandpass, YHighpass, YLowpass, YNotch, XBandpass. XHighpass, XLowpass, XNotch, XRegion

– older stuff –

Airwindows plugins (About 100 of them) ported to LV2

6 year old Linux builds of Airwindows open-source plugins