Akai MKII Mini, MIDI filtering by channel

I have my Akai MKII Mini set to have the keyboard on channel 2, and the drums on channel 1.
I am trying to figure out how to set this in the MIDI filter rules, so that each can play on their own layer, but I cannot for the noobish life of me figure out at all how to do so.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If it matters, which I doubt but who knows, my setup is a Pi4 4GB, Hifiberry DAC+ ADC Pro, with the Akai MKII Mini connected directly, VNC’ed to my phone.

Are your zynthian in Stage Mode? Try changing to Multitimbral Mode from the Admin menu.


Wow. Thank you for the quick response, and once again, Zynthian exceeds my expectations.
Constantly, as someone who has fought many a time with alsa, jack, and MIDI, while learning my way around this amazing device, I keep assuming things are harder than they turn out to be, and overlook an obvious solution.

Keep up the great work.