All-In-One Module v2 plus Zynscreen 1.5

I am trying to build another zynthian with spare parts I have at hand.
Can I use the old v2 All-In-One Module together with a Zynscreen?
I want to use the midi part of the AIO Module plus the buttons on the zynscreen.
I guess for that to work I have to connect the encoders to the zynscreen as well, right?
So I would need to build a jst xh to sh cable for my old v2 encoders?


The settings of concern for you are the i2c bus addresse’s because that’s where the zynthian looks to see the encoders it expects. The all in one circuit provides another set of encoders but it is presented to the i2c bys in the same way as the zynscreen so I’m pretty sure the addresses will both be 0x20 which will confuse the bus and also the zynthian.

The solution is pretty simple thou’if you have chips in sockets on the allinone. Remove the 23017 chip ! It doesn’t contribute to the MIDI implementation so it all should work as you want.
If the chip is soldered in then another method would be to change the addressing on the allinone to point at a different address. There are three address pins A0,A1,A2 setting any of these to the opposite logic state with careful and judicious use of a soldering iron and pliars. If you don’t mind a certain amount of mid air work you can cut the pin above the board bend up the remaining stub and solder that , with a small piece of wire to the opposite poliarity. You shouldn’t need to do anything more than this as the chip will have an address just simply one you don’t use.

Thanks wyleu
Of course the 23017 has no socket, but as luck would have it I have an empty all in one module. I guess before butchering a perfectly good board, I will see what parts I have in the cellar and try to build another one, without the 23017 this time.