Almost there :) (case design)


You’re right. but Fusion360 has an online project storage. If someone wants to join the project, I need his fusion360 account name to allow access to the design files.

Thinking abbout that, I never tried to backup projects locally… I wonder if they can be downloaded and shared… I’ll try ASAP.


@jofemodo I hope I put files in the right place… I always use git through Visual Studio… this is almost the first time I use the web interface :slight_smile:


Hi @Axeman!

It’s perfect! I’ve merged your pull request!

Please, feel free to introduce your case to the community :wink:

Thanks for sharing!


Community… meet my 3D printable case.
3D printable case… meet the Community :blush:

@jofemodo formal introduction done… :wink:
(just kidding, as soon as I have a little time I’ll do a dedicated post)