Alsamixer Volume reset after Update

I think the title says it… After the update today the volume was reset to a very low value which not really usable. I think in the resent updates this didnt happen didnt it? I think it would be practical if it would stay on the same level, as it also aint something that you can change from within zynthian (?). Or if its not possible, then after update setting it to a more normal level like 90?

Hi @Hampelschwein!

AFAIK, nothing has been modified in this area. Perhaps @mheidt could confirm if some recent change in the webconf tool could cause this effect …

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You’ve not got qmidinet on have you by any chance?

no i didn’t
Maybe you should investigate a little further. Showing us log files of the webconf when you set it to the high value f.e.
Try to change it with alsamixer manually. and reboot the machine.
That’s how I found out, that AudioInjector Ultra doesn’t store its value. But mine is back to 100 after every reboot.

will check again when I’m back in Berlin

My simple sabrent card does the same, a bit problematic since my samples are recorded at like -2db. Every note gets distorted hehe.
I wonder if it would be possible to change the zynthian scripts/program audio out instead of alsas? So it saves in the snapshots.


What do you mean?
The webconf is using the alsamixer et. al. to change the volume.

Seems like im having different problem, the upperleft knob wich controls volume gets reset after every reboot. Set volume dont seems to be saved in snapshots

Create a new snapshot and try again pls

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