Amazing audio+video demo on C1541 floppy drive

Check out the impressive “Freespin” demo by Matthias Kramm, in which he manages to bit-bang an audio and video signal on the Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive. Video goes out a modified serial cable, and audio is generated by driving the disk head stepper motor. Remember that this is a 1MHz 6502 processor, with just 2Kb of RAM. Respect!


That is mad! I love it!

I’ve seen my share of C1541 abuses but this is on a completely different level of mad :hushed:
Thanks for sharing!!

A couple of other mechanical noise makers.

Stepper motor music for Benny.


An “Organ” with steppers used ad pitch transducers


— Other Stepper motor music examples —

12 Servo Vivaldi

“Megalovania” (Undertale) - Played on 31 Stepper Motors

The Final Countdown

(The Trinamic Stepper Driver Chip which magically takes the noise out of 3D printers, doesn’t have a musical byproduct.)

Single RC servo doing a rhythm track
(Like that guy attempted with cell phone buzzers, when your phone accesses this page)

Here’s a board that drives 16 servos from MIDI (but not in a musical way)

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Cool. Reminds me of my Amiga 500 days. There used to be a program that played “El Condor Pasa” via the floppy stepper motor.