OK! So … as a kind of magic, tachaaaan!! amsynth is now an official synth engine (as LV2-plugin).
I’ve to fight a little bit to get the presets banks working OK, but it’s almost perfect now.

Just update and enjoy … :wink:

It takes a little bit to load because it have over 1000 presets and LV2 system is really sloooow parsing the presets. Perhaps we could delete some banks?



Ups! This is more difficult, my friend … step by step … arppeggiators, sequencers, loopers …


Gosh that is a slow install. Why did you compile from source rather than install the Debian package? Compiling source seems a long-winded and risky method of installing an already supported package. I am looking forward to testing this, once it has finished installing…

Hello @jofemodo, @riban and the others listening,

way too offtopic writing here something about amsynth or the plugin manager, but would it be possible to get an x forwarded gui for it or to send an immediate patch change from the webconf to hear corresponding sounds if a synth engine is loaded?

Greetings and God bless, Marius

  1. I like to use last versions for Zynthian :wink:
  2. I had to modify almost all lv2 ttl files because of bad syntax errors in banks definiton. Also rewrite all preset names for making them shorter.


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Updating right now and I can see the Amsynth files getting downloaded. Thanks!


I get it and I can still control Giada from the laptop/midi controller.

Sequencer would be nice. Something with some generative options like the NDLR would be amazing.

Personally, I like the feel of hardware for sequencers, but it would make the Zythinan a lot more complicated to add a bunch of pads or rotary encoders to control the sequencer. It would be awesome, though.

That’s a possibility. Like Zynaddsubfx, the banks in Amsynth need sorting, labeling and better descriptors too. There’s so many patches in Amsynth and Zynaddsubfx, but the logic of the banks is terrible and requires way too much paging through things and trying out sounds. It’s fun, but not very efficient.

I think it might be worth looking at maintaining a seperate package repository for zynth stuff like this.

Incidentally, mine never seemed to get past the CXX amsynth line, I left it for about 7 hours over night.

See bug reports for various amsynth issues including this one in the Zynthian issue tracker. It needs a bit more work. Install via webconf completes but still not a working LV2 for Zynthian. :frowning:

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It took a bit after it hung up in the update that I let run overnight, but I have it working. Awesome.


The new Amsynth sounds amazing!

Thanks @jofemodo