An emergency back up piano

A friend of mine who has lent us their 3/4 size yamaha piano ( An electric device but built to look like a grand) has recently expressed a desire for a piano to play.

Here’s the zynthian answer. It’s a hifiberry amp & sadly a Pi3 so it’s using the yamaha GM grand rather than Pianoteq.

But as it boots straight up to playing without a head it’s pretty good for the job in hand …

I’ve mapped the two yamaha controllers to Volume & Reverb . so it doesn’t actually need to have the zynth box near the piano keyboard, just a USB MIDI to power the keyboard from the Pi.


:face_with_monocle: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ooooh how close some walk to the edge…

Something WILL be forthcoming but it will be from the person using the device, NOT the poor woe begotten servant who selflessly starves and labours away for little or no reward, just helping to keep zynthian towers tidy & eeficient, passing only to chuck the occasional ( ok not so occasional…) dangerously impertinent zynthian user who dares poke his (or indeed her) head above the parapet. . .

So watch it @sm7x7 my flinging finger is getting itchy…

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Are you not using Salamander?

Where is the Yamaha grand?

Fluidsynth Yamaha grand.

Wyleu minor ( who pianos with far greater ability than me) pronounces it a little weak in the mid.

If I can rise him from his dragon-like slumber I’ll get him to provide something.

Nice I’ll try that one also.

Perhaps we could have a piano off…?

Yeah, who can conjure the best piano sound without using Pianoteq.

(Your baby-Wyleu will probably outplay me)



Is your surname Wyleu?

No, it’s a street in South London near Honor Oak Park station.

We lived at number 22.

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Then my screenname should either be Sævangur or Bólstaðarhlíð.


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That’s easy for you to say…:smiley:

I will fiddle around with the Piano settings.

I think a compressor, eq and a reverb does wonders.

Can’t promise anything soon though.

This is an interesting little test because the individual involved just wants to play a properly weighted piano. So from a Zynthian’s perspective it’s going to sit in the lounge and just be played as a piano.
The sound bar with the zynth and speakers ( it’s a hifi-berry amp) is all driven by an 18V power supply so all that goes to the keyboard is the USB MIDI.

Hopefully it will provide satisfaction and the occasional sample. :smiley:

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You will absolutely have to program it so that every friday the 13th (or his birthday or something) the piano just plays the real-banjo sample on max volume.

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Disturbingly, it’s possible…

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