An extra connector for some extra switches or pedal board

An extra DIN-5 connector for some extra switch or pedal board on my zynthian V2.1 Kit with all-in-one board :

  1. you need to solder a connector at sw1 on all-in-one PCB:

  1. You need to drill a 16 mm hole in the zynthian box (and two 3 mm holes depending on your DIN connector):

A challenge by itself…

*** Of course, step 1 and 2 require some disassembly ***

  1. Make a cable

I used this kind of connector at PCB side:

And a 5 pins DIN connector:


Function | SW1 PIN | DIN PIN | Color
GND___ |1 _______ |2_____ | Black
Button 1 |2 _______ |1_____ | Brown
Button 2 |3 _______ |3_____ | Red
Button 3 |4 _______ |4_____ | Orange
Button 4 |5 _______ |5_____ | Yellow

Notice the particular pin numbering on the DIN5 and GND connected to PIN 2 as a sort of standard.

  1. Connect your cable on SW1


  1. Mount DIN5 on the panel (1st picture of the post)

  2. Re-assemble your zynthian.


Configuration (click on advanced view):

I selected CC N° 80, 81, 82, 83 because they are general purpose switches in GM standard.

Then I could test the connection thanks to MIDI logs:


The pedalboard:

4 momentary stomp box switches debounced with 100 nF capacitors.


Remains for me to provide a sample.


Really nice extension! Congratulations, my friend! Do you intend to use it with the SooperLooper plugin or what? :wink: I think it work nicely with the momentary switches (play/stop/back,etc.). Also setBfree allows toggling the lesslie speed using momentary switch. I would like to add some code for allowing to use momentary switches as “normal” switches with 2 states: 0 or 127. There are many parameters that works in that way and currently you can’t use the momentary switches for controlling these parameters.

BTW, how is done the pedalboard case?

the best!

Yes, it is mainly for SooperLooper, sequencer, this kind of things…
I also developed a small puredata FM synth combinated with generative events (samples, sequences, tone changes, …) and I want to pilot it with this pedal. Sure, I’ll make some sample !

The pedalboard is made of wood, I used what I had in my stock to build it.
It is a 32cm * 8 cm * 3,2 cm box. Any similar dimension box would do.
3,2 cm is a bit thick, the thiner the better, but the limit is the switch dimension.
It is also a bit wobbly, I need to add some anti-slip pads.

Great ! :star_struck:

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As promised, a sound sample:

A puredata sequencer controled by the 4 switches:
Buton 1: Start/Stop
Buton 2: Activate noises
Buton 3: Activate random voice samples
Buton 4: Activate random FM modulation on sequenced patern

Lead is played on Calf Monosynth
Voice samples are from Reitanna Seishin on freesound: