And another Jarre's cover involving the Zynthian

And in this one, the Zynthian does all the sounds except the lead strings, played on the CS1x :star_struck:

(Now, don’t expect me to do one cover every two days… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)



Don’t worry you can have the weekend off !


Nice - that CS1x patch sounds really close to the original

@wyleu ah ah !! Excellent !!
Week-end is for Vangelis…

Très bien! That made me come over all tingley like I was a teenage again. Or maybe it was the whiskey. Either way, I really enjoyed it. The short percussive “snare” sound was spot on and the lead sound was just like the original. Love it. Keep it up.


Hi Simon,

thanks. Honnestly, I got the sound strings on the CS1x more or less by accident. It’s really basic waves (by the way the CS1x has a really basic architecture : technically, it uses a DSP very near from the DB50XG, but with a different wave ROM), the trick is more related to get the correct envelopes coupled with a phaser and a small amount of reverb.

I have found a long time ago that LinuxSampler could easily be programmed to emulate those AWM Yamaha machines, the biggest deal being to extract the waves from the ROM. Once you have the waves, you just need to program the LinuxSampler with a sfz file built around four layers (four regions sharing the same keyboard range)