Another display problem

I replaced the Adafruit 2.5 display with another Adafruit 3.5… All perfect for two weeks… since this morning when I start the Zynthian I have this screen…

If I then restart everything works perfectly… do you think it’s the display or a driver loading problem?
Many thanks

It looks like the screen is not being reset properly. Maybe the screen is getting powered up (or is operational after a slow power-up) after the driver tries to reset it.

Hi Big Riban,
do you have an advice for me? With the other Adafruit 2.5 I never had problems… This is the setting from Webconf

Sorry - I can’t really help. I don’t have the hardware to be able to test. If there is a way to apply power to the screen before booting the OS it might help. There may be a reset pin for the screen which may be relevant, e.g. if a reset pin is being held whilst the driver tries to configure the display. Check the data sheets and see whether any pins used by the display have been assigned to other purposes.

Thanks Riban, I look at us…
If you need this info… the display lights up as soon as I power the Zynthian.

I reflashed the SD and now it seems that the problem is gone… probably there was a driver problem on startup…

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