Any chance we have anything to offer this pi synth dev?


I assumed you are familiar with this project but I haven’t seen any mention on the forums, so I thought I’d point it out.

He spent a few years developing a family of synths for the pi and wrote many interesting blog posts, but then he got frustrated that no commercial companies approached him to buy it or help pay for his time and effort. He pulled all his technical posts and kind of just disappeared, but he’s released a youtube video here and there since, like:

I’d really love to see this open-sourced so I can learn from it (and hopefully the accompanying blog posts could be restored). I think the only way would be through a kickstarter project. I have no idea what magic number he has in mind, but perhaps if someone had real intentions and ability and approached him, it could be done. I’d expect for it to succeed it would need some hardware to go along with it and zynthian would be perfect I think. I don’t have experience in crowdfunding campaigns and especially don’t have time to spearhead a project like that :frowning:

I guess if nothing else, everyone go watch the video (and +1 the comments about kickstarters). Perhaps zynthian could give him a nod and an open invitation to incorporate his project into our open platform. Hopefully he’ll decide to be generous with his intellectual property. :slight_smile:


The synths seems to be interesting, but i doubt this guy wants to share his code, or had been done already. Anyway, please, try to contact him and see if he wants to open the code :wink:

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yeah I agree. I just hope the more people that show interest the less likely that it never gets released