Any recommended 15.6/16" portable touchscreens for a barebone Zynthian on Raspi5?

Hi everybody,

I am in search for a 1080p (Full HD) portable 15.6/16" capacitive IPS display for my barebone Raspi5 setup with Oram. Not very keen about having another pair of keyboard+mouse stealing space from my desk, I aim at getting closer to the (optimal) official kit operation.

Any recommendations from @zynthianers?

The market happens not to be exactly flooded with mid-size portable touchscreen solutions for Raspberry, and I am not really interested in anything under 14", preferring the 16" form factor definitely.

A while ago I tried an otherwise excellent Atlantis model available on Amazon Italy, but unfortunately I did not manage - for how hard I tried - to make it work with Raspi in touch mode (i.e. channelling the mixed display signal through both HDMI for image and USB-A for touch tracking). As it seems, Raspberry does not turn out to be very plug-and-play-ish, when it comes to external touchscreens.

Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

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Finding a compatible touchscreen that integrates seamlessly with the Pi can be challenging. Have you looked into the SunFounder 15.6" IPS Capacitive Touchscreen Display? It’s designed with Raspberry Pi compatibility in mind, supporting touch input via USB. Some forum users have successfully used it, although initial setup may require configuration.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, from what I’ve seen now, most of the touch displays around that size use a full function USB-C port wich can handle video output.
Unfotunately RBPI 4 or 5 do not offer that feature, so you’re stuck on a HDMI + USB touch solution.

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Hi @kevincalori,

Thank you, for kindly pointing me at a possible 15.6 touchscreen solution for Raspi5. From here in Europe, I’ve not been able to find any sites offering that model for purchase.

It appears to be unavailable or sold-out even in the Sunfounder’s home page. Do you maybe have some references as to where to possibly order this item?

Best regards.

For the purpose of bringing various raspberry pi’s to life and OSC/MIDI touch control over the web I got this:

I don’t have experience using Zynthian on this monitor, it seems too big for it so I didn’t even think about it. For Zynthian on RPi 400 I use: 7inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD (B), 800×480, HDMI, Low Power Consumption


At the bottom of each vaweshare display product page, there is a table wich synthetise :wink: all their products. They have a really bunch of them, with various interface (SPI, DPI, HDMI or DSI as in v5) and in various size.
And a link to the Wiki’s product page <= have a look at it

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Hey @ToFF, many thanks, this Waveshare touchscreen looks very promising, and pretty much what I am looking for.

It obviously requires some interesting CAD+3D printing, to evolve in a stable desktop enclosure.

I might also think at refashioning the whole thing into a slightly larger box, which hosts my Argon Neo 5 aluminium case in an open window, for heat dissipation.

This would make for a complete standalone Zynthian Rpi5 with Nvme, if I hooked a proper audio board to the GPIO connector. This is a project to which I could definitely give some consideration…