Anyone in USA (or elsewhere) able to give cost

Anyone in USA (or elsewhere) able to give cost of buying a 4.1 kit including any import duty to the USA?

Reason I ask is that, although I’m in the UK and just recently bought a kit, I have seen people on other sites asking for recommendations for small portable synths, but as they are in the USA I don’t know what the total cost (inc. shipping and any US duty) of a Zynth 4.1 kit is, so, difficult to know what to say to them.

Obviously keen to preach the Zynth gospel if possible!

Ordered a 4.1 kit without any Raspberry Pi 4 on 12/21.
250.00 € plus 24€ shipping. Paypal costs totaled $350.25 (maybe 5% plus over Google exchange calculation at the time)
No import duties that I’m aware of. Expecting delivery in a couple of days.
Ordered a 8GB RP4b that includes a charger and on off switch for $89.99. So my costs
are $440.24 for an 8GB RAM 4.1Kit.



Thanks for that.
Hope yours arrives OK soon.

Hi @deldor!

“Most of times” zynthian packages arrive their destiny without having to pay importation duty. We do our best for avoiding importation charges while not having problems with customs, but we can’t warranty that because, at the end, it’s totally out of our control and using a DDP INCOTERMS contract is not affordable for such a small amount.


Hi @jofemodo

Thanks for the extra info, I had to lookup “DDP INCOTERMS”. :grinning:

Sometimes I’ve seen someone (in the USA) asking about a synth recommendation on forums etc for something in a certain price range, and me being in the UK, and not knowing the carriage terms etc for there, I thought it would a good idea to ask, and now I know. :+1:

An early Happy New Year!

Cheers! :beers:

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