Anyone know what FST is...?


According to reddit topic:

fst files (FL Studio state files) are presets created from FL’s own preset manager in the wrapper. Most third party plugins have their own method of managing presets which I prefer however.

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Future Plans

  • LV2 support
  • Aftertouch support

If it emulates the CS-80…I WANT it. I love the CS-80 and… who knows if they decide to make the MiniMoog too…

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The article describes the plugin as “inspired by the Yamaha CS-80”. This does not mean it sounds like one. I have seen similar statements made about softsynths inspired by the Minimoog but they really don’t sound or behave anything like their inspiration, e.g. they may have a couple of oscilators and a filter but that is about as close to the orignal as they get. It is always good to see free and open audio plugins and I really hope this sounds good and gets ported to a native Linux plugin standard like LV2.


I could send an “offer” to the developer to accelerate LV2 support, but first, we should test the sound and quality to make sure it’s worth it. I also would like to have a decent CS80 emulation in zynthian :wink:

Is someone with real CS-80 experience wanting to test it seriously?


They both have an equal temprement 5 octave keyboard!

Trying to send a request to Arturia? Do you think it’s impossible?
With Arturia you would have the best of virtual analog synths…
Maybe, not all the Analog Lab package… But CS80, MiniMoog, Moog Modular (the DX7 is not… the one inside the Zynthian is MUCH more beautiful) and a few others, they are wonderful… :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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Hi @Lanfranco !

Arturia is not going to release any of their products for using with RBPi & Linux nor in LV2 format. That’s not going to happen in the short term for sure. And of course, if they eventually happens, forget Open Source. I prefer to support a promising open source project, if it’s a really promising one, of course.
So, if somebody with criteria could take a look to this project and tell us if the sound model and quality is worth it, i would contact developer.


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Cursed BIG…(obviously opensource shouldn’t have been inserted, but for a fee like PianoteQ).
Now I try to download this opensource synth and give it a try. :face_with_monocle:

I installed this synth on a windows PC.
I immediately got scared of two things…

  1. the number of controllers that will be difficult to use on the Zynthian if you don’t use a graphical user interface (GUI?)
  2. The fact that the main controls of each synth (at least for me) are the Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Decay and Sustain, which together with the waveforms make the sound vary in speed…
    Here everything is very diluted in many controls.
    The “Custom waveform harmonics” control is very nice.
    For now I’ve used the demo sounds and they look good… Tomorrow I’ll try to create a sound from zero.

That’s not a problem. We can organize the controllers in coherent pages, prioritizing how we want, like we have done with other synths, like OBXd, NoizeMaker, Dexed, etc.

Probably, it will won’t be comfortable for creating presets from scratch, but we have the GUI for that. What we want in zynthian GUi is to play with presets, having the possibility of fine tuning of modulating some parameter, and this can beimproved with a good pagination/ordering of parameters


I’m sure you’ll do a great job… but there are so many controls… maybe, you should divide the oscillators first… or for each effect, make sure that once you enter the control page you can select oscillators to edit just that effect for each oscillator…

It’s something similar to the Dexed, with the 6 operators. The Zynthian GUI is not good for creating presets from scratch for this kind of complex synthesizers, but you can use it without problem for playing and doing little adjustments. You can also modulate or fine tune specific parameters.

BTW, have you tried to edit DX7 presets with the original DX7? It’s crazy … but a lot of people (OK, not a huge amount) did it in the 80s: Brian Eno, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and many others created
legendary presets for the DX7 by using the parameter-pages-based menu.

Crazy history!! :sweat_smile:

Of course, a good GUI is more productive and probably funny to use …



Hi Jofemodo… I took the liberty of writing to Arturia and asking if they have the possibility to create their own sounds for instruments such as the Zynthian…
This is their answer:

Hi Lanfranco,
Thank you for your feedback.
I’ve submitted your message as a feature request.
Feel free to get back to us if you need any further help.
Best regards,

Gaby - Arturia Support

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“FST is the attempt to create a bona-fide reverse-engineered header file,
that is created without reference to the official VST SDK and without its
developer(s) having agreed to the VST SDK license agreement.”


Or in other words, if the host/daw only supports old vst (vst 2.4), then the fst can be used.

Thanks @wyleu for pointing out this plugin. :+1:

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