Anyone on Mastodon?

I scroll Mastodon a lot, I’m trying to find a little zynthian community there. If anyone has joined there, I post to the #zynthian hashtag sometimes.

@jofemodo would not be the worst idea to establish an official presence there either, the W3C just relocated from X to Mastodon as their official social media presence. Also one of my exes found me on there (not a bad ex but we hadn’t talked in quite a while) so it seems like it’s attained a fair degree of legitimacy, with no likely powergrab by venture capitalists anytime soon.

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I am, Baggypants ( - Mastodon 🐘

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It appears I now am . . .

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It seems that i’m there too :wink:

Hey, I started a genyoowine trend!


Indeed, there’s is a mastodon account which I maintain. It’s a diy non profit organization for instrument making, repair and music

But it’s in german.

Klang-Holz e.V.

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I will follow, and may or may not mute, depending on how many pictures you put in the feed. :>

(I’m also interested in improving my German, I would not say I understand it but I can often get the gist of things with the help of a dictionary and a bit of free association with the vowels and such…)

edit: OOoo look at all the piccies!

Nice workshop. Niiiiiice workshop.

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certainly am! leinir ( - Computer Fairies is me, and i may just have to keep an eye on this thread for some new peeps to follow :wink: