Anyone using their midi out?


one more thing thats not clear to me is which in and out pins of this IC I should use?


They works the same. Just use a random input, and the corresponding output (if you choose INPUT2 you must use OUTPUT 2)

An advice: you must NOT leave INPUT pins floating, so connect unused ones to ground or +5V.


this is very interesting.


My local electronic supply doesnt have those parts. Can somebody tell me if i can replace the IC with one of those for example:
CD4093BE, SN74LS132N, SN74LS14D, 74LV14D,112, CD4093BM
I’ve found midi schematics with other ICs than the one in the schematic I posted, but I’m not sure if it has to be considered that its a raspberry?
Also those DSS306 condensers (three legged “Durchführungskondensatoren”) are not available there. Ive found the schematic without them, are they necessary?:
Some midi out schematics also have diodes in them. I’m confused what to choose…


Nope. IIRC none of them have open collector outputs like the 7417 ones. And you need an open collector output to drive a MIDI OUT signal. Unless you put a transistor adapter after the output, with the right specs, or you can count on the sink current of the IC output port, or… oh well… to be honest you’re really asking for troubles… :wink:


haha ok, then i will order that damn thang :wink:
but the condensers arent necessary?


You could ditch those capacitors without thinking too much…


so finally they delivered the parts, to be absolutely sure, for idiots like me, is this correct? I mean mainly the 7417N wiring in the THRU circuit, which then would be the same in the out i guess


Yes, the OUT connections will be similar, using another pair of input/output pins :slight_smile:
(yoy obviously don’t need two 7417N, just use two different pairs of the same chip)
(and don’t forget the 5V and GND connections from 7417 to the rest of the board)


ok, and the vcc of the 6n138 also goes to the +5V right?



(and 12 more character to render the post valid :wink: )


finally! Success! Thank you a lot for enduring my countless questions!


Hi @Hampelschwein! Congratulations!! :muscle::muscle::clap::clap::clap: