Anyone using their midi out?


I’m finally planning out a zynthian box and I’m trying to decide if I should bother with a midi out port? AFAICT there really aren’t any sequencers yet in the software list and I don’t have any other synths to send to if there were. Perhaps something cool could be made using the new pd sequencer modules I figure I can always use usb midi or qmidinet to record to a daw if I ever wanted too but I wanted to see what actual user experiences were.


I would plan for the second. I have mine connected as Through and cascade 2 Zynthians.
When we will have a sequencer or looper, an out will be useful.
IN only is not advisable.


I use the MIDI Thru as I don’t have a MIDI splitter yet, but I have other MIDI stuff (Yarns, SQ1, Volcas) and hopefully will have more in the future. I could see how it wouldn’t immediately be useful to you right now though, but I’d say might as well add them all now! :smile:


Currently the only available Zynthian’s feature that takes advantage from the MIDI-OUT connector is:

  • MIDI Router/Filter

But that’s going to change very soon. I’m working in a new MIDI router arquitecture:

that will allow new uses:

  • Improved MIDI Router/Filter
  • MIDI recording/replaying
  • MIDI looper/sequencer
  • MIDI clock

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