Argon1 rpi Case and GPIO pins

Hi, i am using a argon1 Case with my raspi. I am testing zynthian with an USB Soundcard to use MOD-UI and effects.

The cases got a fan and a powerswitch. It is using gpio pins:

PI4-CASE-ARGON-ONE pin occupies BCM code
GPIO ports of Raspberry Pi 2 3 4 14 22 23

Details with picture:

Now i thinking to use the kit v2 to have 4 encoder and the midi interfaces.
where i can see wich pins are used for the kits? are there conflicts?

For the Display i will use HDMI.

THanks in advance.

Kit V2 use the All In One board. Look here for Kicad design files and the schematic in svg format.

All the Zynthian kit versions share the same specification:

  • The use of a GPIO multiplexer (MCP23017 or MCP23008 for super early versions) for the encoders and extra switches. These components use the I2C protocol on RBPI BCM pins 2 and 3 (SDA1, SCL1). This is not an issue in your case because an I2C line can handle multiple devices. It use also two other GPIOs but these could be any of the free left GPIOs.
  • MIDI is handled through the serial line (UART) on RBPI BCM pins 15 and 14. RX for receiving data and TX for sending. This could be an issue for you. I don’t know what usage the Argon case make of BCM pin 14 …

If your USB interface has MIDI conections, you can use them in Zynthian.