Arpeggiator like

Could someone tell me please how to get the bass-like arpeggiator effect, e.g. “enjoy the silence” by DM so that after pressing a key on the keyboard, the custom rhythmic pattern of a given note would be played

Hi @ejdzi! Arpeggiator usually refers to the playing of several notes automatically, e.g. holding a chord and each note sounding one at a time. If I understand your request you want a single note to be played several times in a rhythm.

Some synth engines provide this feature, e.g. ZynAddSubFX has the ability to sequence the sound. (It calls it arpeggiator.) You may be able to craft the sound you like in one of these synths.

You could try the N-Tap Delay LV2 plugin which will replay a note several times at a specified BPM and decreasing / increasing velocity but this looks like a simple delay line rather than a configurable rhythm.

You could use an arpeggiator plugin (there are a few) to play notes at a set period. Using a monophonic sound will limit to single note operation.

A more complex solution would be to use mooney which is effectively a user programmable plugin but you then need to write the script within the plugin UI to perform what you want.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean fully.

But I get an effect similar to what I understand by using midi effects.

First I add a Chord effect. With this I get a chord with only one key press.

And the add the arpegiator midi effect.

The result is that I press a key and an arpegiator sequence plays. You may need to play with the chord and arpegiator settings to get the effect you want.

Thanks for all this ideas. I will try all ASAP. MIDI plugins are natural way to achieve such effect and I hope I will be succesfull.
To be clear what I mean:
I play bass in my little band and sometimes I need to generate a bassline using keyboard or bas pedals. Arpeggiator generate single notes from chord or repete single note in straight division. But I’m looking for a way to generate single note or chord rythmic pattern in given shape for actualy triggered note… For example such measures:
| 1/4,1/4,1/4,1/8,1/8 |1/4,1/4,1/4,1/8,1/8 | and so on…

OK, things went well. As always I’m extra impresed by flexibility of this extraordinary musical tool.
If anybody is interested: what I wanted to achieve was easy with parallel combination of midi effects. Two parallel arpeggiators working with different rhythmic divisions fulfill my expectations.


That is a super-cool solution and validation of why we need parallel processing paths. (It is not always obvious, especially when considering audio paths.) Do you want to post the snapshot showing how you resolved this and of course the obligatory :face_with_monocle:?


Nothing complicated. Just to show what I have meant.
Please forgive me, Depeche Mode Fans :wink:

001-dm.zss (25.1 KB)


How do you find getting between the screens or do you need to, and which ones do you use…?