I could have needed something like the following:

New engine with zynthian-ui screens like follows:

  1. Screen “BPM”
  • top left rotary
  • bottom right tap area

Definition of step n (max 16)

  • top left: Midi channel
  • bottom right: Note-on difference value
  • bottom left: volume

Those steps are executed per beat.
Depending on the note you press, the difference is calculated.
each 16th beat, a different sound would be possible.

What do you think?

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A simple sequencer/arpegiator would be of great use, but I would suggest that the clocking mechanism is separated into one module that would allow the zynth to act as a MIDI master clock. So the clock element would have tempo tap and external lock to allow it to locked to an external master clock source.
I would also employ one of the spare 1/0 ports on the all in one board as a LED that could display beat.

One feature I’ve always found to be a missing element is the ability to not only add notes to an arpegiator but to be able to transpose a sustained arpeggio. Thus one can change key. It’s not difficult to patch up but you end up with two keyboards (one to arpeggiate, one to transpose) which always seems wasteful. To make it a mode switch on the arpeggiator interface would seem easy and useful.

I wouldn’t move volume from the top left. It’s a zynth standard.

Is there an already existing bit of jack based goodness out there…?

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transpose? i thought it is relative to the pressed key?
I was thinking that’s is the difference between a normal looper and an arpeggiator.



Don’t get me going on namespace :smiley:

It’s would be a good live trick whatever it’s called. . . .

  1. fire up a the looper/arpegiator/thingy
  2. Hold down interesting chord
  3. sustain it
  4. Look meaningfully at drummer
  5. transpose sequence
  6. Do far more solo than you probably should on second keyboard.


or you work with split zones. Let say lowest octave is to control arpeggiator.
Including self bpm adjustment.



Absolutely, to the zynth world it’s just a MIDI rule away…

The real debate is how would we tie it into the extincting infrastructure. ON which menu do we keep MIDI tools? Because you are also effectively in the world of MIDI file playback as well, or so I would feel if I was coming to the device as the disinterested user.
Anything that reduces the clobber you take to perform is a bonus, I try not to allow myself more than I can take on a bike!
so One keyboard over two ! :smiley: