Atari Punk Console LV2

I was casting around for somthing silly and I found this. Controlled with 2 knobs.

And for @wyleu, Enjoy:

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AAah that takes me back to the circuit butchering days of synth performance.

After about 20 minutes of watching circuits being butchered in a video without too much audio excitement the host gently enquired of the presenter if perhaps we might curtail slightly early, to which the protagonist replied OH we were just about to pour on the water . . . .

So we watched that as well :smiley:

Is there a guide to installing custom LV2 plugins somewhere?

No. But essentially:

  • ssh on to the zynth,
  • git clone the repo.
  • install any dependencies
  • Run make, to compile the LV2,
  • copy the <somename>.lv2 directory into /zynthian/zynthian-my-plugins/lv2/.
  • reboot
  • enable the plugin in the webconf

There’s way more swearing and poking that I’ve glossed over.


Thanks for that micro-walkthrough, @baggypants!
A quick question:

Does it matter where I clone the repo to?

Again, thank you for the help! :grinning:

No. It’s just a place to run the compile. I tend to run it in /root/


@baggypants Thank you for your guidance! Merry Christmas! :evergreen_tree:


Nice sound! Congrats!
FYI, you can contribute “recipes” for zynthian setup/update system. It’s really simple. Simply take a look to some of the recipes in the zynthian-sys repo:

Of course, please, test the recipes before creating a Pull Request :wink:

Regards :wink: