Hi everyone again. Yesterday I managed (with your help, of course) to make it work with AudioInjector Zero and for the moment, a cheap 3,5 screen. While I’m waiting for the controller board and the encoders to arrive I’m trying all the capabilities of this magic device.

I noticed you can enable aubionotes, and config from the Webconf. If I plug my guitar (to an amp and through line output) to the input, I can hear it, but I can’t figure if it’s possible with aubionotes to convert it to midi notes and trigger the Zynthian sounds. Or do I need to config anything else?

Anyone can help?

Thank you again!

I’ve not really had too much success using Aubionotes but I haven’t given it too much attention. I’ve had it doing strange things when Ive turned it on accidentally…

I’m just testing, now I’m able to trigger synths from the audio input. I suppose I will have to struggle to improve tracking and that stuff.

Is there a way to mute the input, but still sending midi notes? I just want to hear only the synth sound, not my guitar.


Load up the zyn mixer branch… (software, repositories)

I did that and now I access a mixer from the menu, but I only see one channel (and the fader doesn’t do anything).

I will keep trying. Thank you!

I think the ZynMixer branch won’t help you on this. You better try with the ALSA Mixer. You can configure the controls from the webconf Hardware Audio tab.


I’m testing that. Thank you!

Did you find a way to improve tracking? Was wondering if it would be possible to add some kind of filter to remove artifacts.

It’s an entirely external project,

So that’s were the tweaks will be made. I don’t know about how current the version is on the zynth or whether or not it actually builds the latest …

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Ok, I’ll leave that rest for now and put it somewhere on my longterm agenda. Trying to do a lot of things at the same time which is generally not a good idea. But this box is definitely opening up opportunities!

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I’m keen to make it part of some automatic testing stuff…

By the moment I’m using a Sonuum i2m, but I have to dig again into the aubionotes stuff.

I didn’t have any good results with aubionotes. It sounded, but It had latency and tracking was not good at all.

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