Audacity Acquired By Muse Group

Hmmmm. It would be sad to see Audacity loose its character.

So far MuseScore had benefited from more structured and focused development. I hope this continues for all the products under the Muse umbrella.

I’ve heard that community created scores were “privatised” in the same Time.

There was a bit of a storm about telemetry and personal details last month but my understanding is that Muse Group have added an option to Audacity to enable telemetry which is disabled by default. I don’t see an issue with giving users the option to provide data to improve the product if they wish to do so.

Good to be aware of these things.

Matt Bellamy has his fingers in everything these days!!!

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Perhaps not completely evil. The Dev Lead seems fairly sensible as he rolls out Musescore 4 and seems to be going to use a similar approach to revamp Audacity.

Some background on Audacity